About Bob

Robert Cooper color photo

Robert Cooper has advised and interviewed tens of thousands of elite, average and awful students from throughout the U.S. and worldwide for college and university admission and scholarships in a 27-year career as an admissions counselor, director of  admissions, and President of Southeast Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. In that time, he has also been an award-winning speaker, comedian, actor, author and musician, entertaining, lecturing and speaking nationwide at colleges and universities, high schools, comedy and nightclubs, theatres, conventions and meetings, churches, bookstores, and on radio and television.

Following completion of a bachelor’s degree, and after 18 years in college and university admissions, Robert decided to take night and weekend undergraduate classes in biology, general and organic chemistry, and physics, and then earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in a rigorous curriculum of up to 30 credits per semester in basic sciences, clinical sciences, and patient care.  As if that did not keep him busy enough, he also served as his class president, golf team captain, softball team catcher, chiropractic olympics coordinator, talent show emcee, a member of various clubs and committees, and part-time admissions counselor writing a monthly blog for the college website on study tips, professional and motivational commentary.  He is the only person in the college’s history to have been voted both “Staff Member of the Year” (2001) and “Student of the Year.” (2006). If he had it to do over again, he would consider hiring a stunt double and get more sleep.

“Building A Better Bob” was born of his fascination with the capabilities of the human body and brain, with personal and academic potential, and of his passion for helping students of all majors, ages, backgrounds and attitudes to recognize that they could perform at a higher level and achieve their goals with self-understanding and a sound game plan.

As the concepts and skills covered in “Building A Better Bob” apply not only to college students but anyone seeking success in their personal and professional lives, versions are available for high school assemblies, faculty/staff in-service programs, corporate/organization conventions, meetings, seminars, retreats, and church/Christian events.

Also visit: www.RobertCooperOnline.com